Why NLP?

What Is NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming, otherwise known as NLP, was developed in the early 1970’s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. They studied people whom they considered to be excellent communicators and technicians of personal change of their time. Their goal was to discover why certain people produced excellence while others failed miserably. Bandler and Grinder observed many world-class performers, including famous psychotherapists, and discovered the beliefs, mindsets and strategies that delivered their success.  They explored both personal and professional change work to discover tools and techniques that deliver fast and sustainable results.

Initially they studied the likes of Milton Eriksson, Fritz Perls and Virginia Satir, but over the years many others have contributed to the growth of this field.  As a result of their study, they discovered methods to find the difference between someone who excelled at a given skill and someone who was merely average at the same skill.  Then, they created models.  From these models, a host of change techniques were developed to quickly and effectively change thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that were previously limiting a person’s development and success.

These change techniques give people choice – choice to choose their behaviours, emotional states and physical states of well-being by understanding how the mind works.  It removes self-imposed limitations.  Now, it is important to realise that NLP is a set of guiding principles, attitudes and techniques about behaviour in real life.  It is NOT a scientific theorem.

So, the question still…what is NLP?

NLP explores the relationship between how we think (neuro), how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes).

NLP teaches you how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve specific and desired outcomes (results).

NLP is one of the most valuable set of techniques that you can use to help improve yourself.  It is a bit like having an INSTRUCTION MANUAL to how your mind works.

Unlike other approaches that tells you what you need to do, NLP offers you the HOW TO.  It tells and shows you how to be what you want to be, have what you want to have and do what you want to do.  What an intoxicating combination!  This means it is possible for you to have the personal success you want right now!

Most people let things happen and they react.  We do things in our life and make decisions based on our past experiences.  Your life experiences set a basis for everything that you do.  The problem is that if you have had a lot of bad experiences, then that can influence your decisions in your daily life and you may end up with a lot more bad experiences.

NLP offers you tools to behave differently by choice, to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  NLP helps you deal with undesirable and unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behaviours.  With NLP, you can learn to make decisions based on new information.  Even though you can’t change your life’s experiences, with NLP you can re-program YOU so that you will, then, make decisions based on new information.  In short, NLP gives you more and new choices in life.

With NLP skills you can reach your full potential both personally and professionally.  NLP teaches you that you can do whatever you want in life and teaches you the skills to do it.  NLP skills enable you to work out what you want in life and how to achieve it.

Having said that, NLP is not just a pile of techniques.  People with a lack of understanding of the subject think that is what it is – and it is not!  Richard Bandler was quoted as saying that “NLP is an attitude of curiosity and a willingness to experiment and THAT has left behind a trail of techniques.”  This is the key!

Without the NLP mindset, any technique is worthless and it is the mindset that is critical and that is precisely how we teach it.  Get the mindset, and we have some processes that work incredibly well and create long and lasting change in individuals.

What you will find about NLP is that it is results orientated and flexible.  We are not interested in the slightest about what SHOULD work.  We are only interested in what ACTUALLY works.  Too many people do things and fail because they feel what they are doing should be the right thing.  If it doesn’t work, in NLP, we would go a different route, and keep trying different ways until it works.  Remember in NLP, there is no failure, only feedback and flexibility is the name of the game.  In NLP, we are only interested in the results and giving people what they truly want from life

So, to answer the original question, what is NLP? – we can say that  NLP provides you with an INSTRUCTION MANUAL to how the mind works and introduces you to your unconscious mind.  It provides you with techniques that will support change in either your life or others and it is the route to get the results you want in all areas of your life.  It will empower you with the art of TRUE communication that will allow you to understand and to influence your peers.  It is the key to learning how to make real changes easily in the way you work and live and provide you with the manual to fully achieving your potential.

NLP is the way to creating your own future. All we can say is the future is bright with possibilities.  The rest is up to you!

Why Learn NLP?
The Benefits of NLP

The benefits of NLP in your life can be huge. Perhaps the first question to ask YOURSELF is…..

“Have you achieved EVERYTHING that you want to achieve in your life?” 

If the answer is yes…well done!  If the answer is no…then, spend a couple of minutes reading on!

Maybe, at some point or other in your life, you may have wondered about one of the following…

  • Have you ever wondered why, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot communicate with some people? Would it be useful to understand how to COMMUNICATE brilliantly well with everyone?
  • Have you ever struggled with communicating your ideas across to someone?  What would it be like for you to be able to present information and ideas in a way that makes total SENSE to the listener?   Imagine….how powerful would this be in sales and negotiation?
  • Have you ever delivered a presentation that falls flat and wondered why?  Would you be interested to learn how to construct a presentation that engages your audience and really gets your message across?
  • How about if you are in education, would it be useful to understand your students’ learning styles and be able to truly ENGAGE AND MOTIVATE them?
  • Would you like to be able to help your students to overcome exam nerves?  How about students with self-esteem problems?  How good would it be to be able to help them so that they enjoy learning?
  • Perhaps you are parent, would it be wonderful if you could REALLY communicate with your KIDS and help them with their self-esteem and confidence?  What would it be like if you understood how to coach your children and create change in them easily?
  • Why do some people achieve goals, and others don’t?  Do you have any beliefs about yourself that could be limiting your potential?  How useful would it be to be able to start achieving good results consistently?  How different would your life be?
  • Have you ever had an internal conflict – like you are in two minds and wasted a lot of energy and time because you just can’t make up your mind?  Would you like to have CLARITY AND DIRECTION in your life?
  • What is one thing in your life that could be changed for the better with a different way of thinking?
  • Perhaps you have been stuck in a rut and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get out?  Have you felt you were dragged into a deep dark hole with negative emotions?   Would you like to be able to get rid of negative emotions and be in control of your emotions?  What would it like if you were feeling positive and happy almost all the time?  Would you like that?
  • Would it be useful to understand and correct repetitive patterns in your relationships?  How different would your relationships be if you understand how your partner thinks and be able to build deep rapport with them?
  • If you are in sports, would you like to learn techniques to get you in the right emotional state any time?  How powerful would it be to master techniques that will increase PERFORMANCE levels?   Imagine, having that mental ability that differentiate the winner from the one coming second…

The benefits of NLP are essentially that it equips you to deal with the above.

Benefits of NLP – Perhaps the clue as to why learn NLP lies above!

The quality of your life and the success of your performance depends on the quality of your thoughts and emotional states.

Your results in your life is dependent on how you think.  In other words your decisions are affected by your emotions, your beliefs, your values and your memories – and this is where things could go wrong.  Where you are in your life now is a result of the thousands of decisions you have made in your past.  Some good, and some, maybe, not so good.

The benefits of NLP, or, as it is called, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which has been developed and proven for over 40 years, has revealed how the mind works, how people communicate with themselves (note important!) and others and how they view external and internal events.

You will have tools and processes to understand how the mind works and to change anything that is unwanted in your system.  You do not need to be super clever to do this, you just need an open mind.

Perhaps one of the answers to your question of “Why learn NLP”!

We can use NLP to change the way we think and to get rid of any thought processes that are not useful so that we can focus clearly on what we want.  This is done by working at the unconscious level of a person with some processes that allows the person to change their way of thinking.

We already use elements of NLP in our everyday life but we do so in an unstructured way.  Hence, negating its powerful potential.  NLP essentially is HOW TO use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

NLP is the INSTRUCTION MANUAL to how your mind works, the key to unlock YOU. What if you hold the key to your potential?

Why Train With Us?


RAW NLP International conducts NLP Training KL and is dedicated to improving the standards of NLP training and knowledge in Asia. Our NLP trainings KL are precise, and non ambiguous and comprehensive.

We strongly believe in and adhere to the highest standards.

RAW NLP stand’s apart from the crowd of NLP training KL because we do not take short-cuts. We know that learning to be competent in a range of NLP skills and developing an NLP attitude requires some time.  Let’s take the example of a brain surgeon…who would you trust to do a brain surgery on you?  Someone who has gone through a crash course or someone who has gone through a rigorous and precise training?

We are compliant and consistently follow the “thorough NLP” route providing ONLY full-length, full-syllabus NLP Certifications.  Indeed, you can find shorter NLP ‘certification’ trainings but we know our students can recognise that it is simply not possible to develop the same amount of competencies.  A shorter training can give you a lot of confidence in what you have experienced.   But, you are unlikely to develop the competence without rigour in practising, interacting and discussing.

You will not find a reseller on the end of the phone when you call us. Just someone who actually works for RAW NLP International and someone who knows all about the courses. Plus if you wish to speak to the trainer, then you can!

If you are serious about NLP Training KL then you have found the right provider.

Competency is Essential! NLP Training KL

We respect and invest in our students’ interest in learning.  We are the ONLY NLP training company in this region to provide our students with pre-course audios, references and full course manual as soon as you signed up.  You are investing your time and money….We want you to be successful in your learnings and be competent enough to use your new skills!

An attitude of curiosity is key in NLP!  Everything is open to challenge and discussion.  Hence, we intentionally keep our training groups around 8-18 students, rather than a huge audience – this is less like learning and more like a seminar!  Listening to entertaining presenters may increase your knowledge and your belief in your ability, BUT it does not do much to your skill.  Our trainings are fun but we are dead serious about CLARITY and QUALITY!

We are VERY serious about Quality for your NLP Training KL

We believe you are NOT “one of the crowd” – we expect you as an active student at all times – with a limited size group, you are able to have more contact time with your trainer, support, coaching and plenty of time for practising what you learn so that you become competent.  It will be a deeper learning experience for you.

We emphasise modelling in our trainings.  In our Master Practitioner Certification Training, you will learn how modelling is really done!  Mastering modelling in NLP will allow you to enhance your performance.  On a personal level, it will give you joy and flexibility to learning new skills of your interests.  On a professional level, it will save you time and money.  Modelling increases productivity and performance in countless ways.

One more thing, if you are looking for congruency and wondering if our trainers walk their talk….why not give us a call and speak to them personally?  Some trainers are unavailable or unapproachable.  But, we want to speak to you personally because want to know you before you enroll for our trainings.

We want you to graduate from RAW NLP International’s training and feeling very impressed with YOU, your own abilities and your own potential.  In conclusion it is ALL ABOUT YOU!

When you go to an NLP seminar you might leave thinking the trainer is amazing. When you leave our training, you will leave thinking YOU are amazing.

Our NLP Trainers are the finest in the business and all Our NLP Courses KL are approved and accredited by the ABNLP.



RAW NLP International is dedicated to improving the standards of NLP training and knowledge in the Far East. Our NLP trainings are precise, and non-ambiguous..

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