4 Ways You Sabotage Yourself Without Realising It

4 Ways You Sabotage Yourself Without Realising It

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Do you find that every time you set out to achieve something, you would somehow do something that sabotages your goal? Do you find that these behaviours repeat themselves every time you try to achieve something

Are you ready to put your limiting behaviour to rest once and for all? Would you like to have a better outlook on life and achieve greater fulfillment?

The first step to the success you are seeking is to recognize the what limiting beliefs in you are standing in your way. Once you do, you can banish those beliefs and install more empowering ones.

Look out for these 4 self-sabotaging tactics in your life.Some of them can be really subtle, so you need to take a really honest look at yourself. When you can do that, you can replace these limiting beliefs with more productive thoughts that support your success.


Settling, or being satisfied to accept less than your best, makes you stop short of unleashing your fullest potential. Sometimes you settle for less because you’re afraid of encountering failure. Or maybe you settle simply because you don’t know your own strength.

TIP: Test your strengths constantly by venturing outside your comfort zone. Do something that makes you face your fears, because more often than not, your fear is the only obstacle between you and what you do want.


When you assume that others will always be around to help you, or expect others to bail you out of a tough situation, you’re expecting too much. Only you are responsible for yourself.

TIP: Even if your friends and family have helped you in the past, at some point they may decide to let you fend for yourself. Always be prepared to face the consequences of your actions and clean up your own mess. Choose a more responsible path so that you can make your own journey towards your own destination.


If your current situation causes you to feel unfulfilled, like something is missing, do something to change your circumstances. Instead of dwelling on what could have been, or should have been, and focusing on the negative in each situation, learn from every experience and focus on finding solutions, instead of focusing on the

TIP: Your are responsible for your own success!Hold yourself accountable for your own results. Take ownership those unfortunate situations and let them steer you toward success, instead of letting them stop you from achieving your dreams. When you maintain this mindset, facing your worst trials will be far better than avoiding them and remaining on the sidelines of life.


If your plan gives you less than desired results, your only chance at success is your ability to adapt. Everyone needs a Plan B. You may feel you’re being a pessimist by planning for an unfortunate outcome, but this is actually being proactive. It shows your mind that you’re serious about achieving your desired goals.


If you often find that you are constantly wasting your chances for success because of these self-sabotaging behaviours, you can do something about it. Simply decide that today is going to be a new day and you are going to do things differently!

The most important thing is that you first recognize the thought patterns and behaviours that are limiting you, then head in a new direction that supports your success.

Replace your stinking thinking with a productive, solution-oriented focus that tells your mind you deserve the success you seek. When you do, your success is inevitable.

Contact Stephanie at +6010 236 8121 for more information how you can install a success mindset and leave your limiting beliefs behind forever.


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