In a Funk? Too Much Alcohol?

In a Funk? Too Much Alcohol?

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I get calls, from people who think they are drinking too much alcohol, usually after the Christmas and Chinese New Year festivities.  They come to me with grim concerns that they could not stop the drinks. What is causing this lack of self-control?

You really don't need to follow the Joneses

You go to an office party, and they are serving up free drinks. You hit the drink along with your colleagues. You are all having a good time. The same happens at family gatherings. A relative prepares some really good wine, and the smell permeates the entire house. It smells like celebration. You have to have some!

For many people, there is nothing wrong with indulging in a few festivities spirits. It’s a warming feeling, and as long as you drink in moderation, you can enjoy a few drinks on occasion. However, once the celebrations are over, people often use alcohol to get through the slow months.

Alcohol is a Depressant

The problem is alcohol is a depressant. If you are using alcohol to try and pick you up during those dark and slow days, it may make the situation worse. It will end up doing the opposite as it will bring your spirits down. Worse, since you are not getting the pick-me-up that you hoped for you’ll continue to drink. By the end of the evening, you are drunk as well as depressed.

You may think the answer to this is to use stimulants instead of alcohol. After all, if alcohol is a downer, it should follow that a stimulant is a way to go. However, this may pick you up initially. Then, you crash and have the need to be picked up again. When you continue down this path, you may become addicted to those stimulants, and feel you need them more and more.

Try to find ways that can boost your spirits that don’t include stimulants or alcohol. If you can do this, you can keep yourself up without risking addiction. If you decide that going out with friends is your way of picking yourself up, it is okay to have a drink. However, this shouldn’t be the only way to keep your spirits up. 

Learn Knitting!

Hobbies are a good way to keep yourself occupied when you are in a funk. You can do these without using alcohol. Many hobbies involve other people which increases the fun. Don’t let alcohol be the first means of getting out of your funk. Look for other ways.

There could be an underlying issue within you if you have an addiction. Most of the time, people are not aware of what's going at their unconscious mind level. And your unconscious mind runs all your behaviour and take care of your body. 

If you have an addiction, or think you might be on the way to one, CONTACT Stephanie. 


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