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  • What is NLP to ME…

What is NLP to ME…

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Recently, I have been asked very often: What is NLP? It is a really difficult question to answer.

Whilst I can say, it is the instruction manual to how your mind works, but that does not really explain what NLP is. NLP means many things to me. NLP is not a bunch of techniques…it is an ATTITUDE…an attitude of curiosity, a hunger for learning and striving for excellence in myself and in my life.

Each day, I wake up with a question, “how can I make myself better today?” or “how can I do something better?” It is a process of continuous creation and improvement. Yes, dramas and shite happens in some of my days…I cannot control or prevent them but what I can do is control the way I handle them and how much I let it affect me or not!

NLP has given me to freedom to choose my emotional states – either I sit in shite or I get on with the things that needs to be done. NLP has given me freedom in so many ways – freedom from insecurities, doubts, fears, anxiety, sadness and anger.

Now, if I were to tell you that life is perfect after NLP, I would be lying to you. That is NOT what NLP is about. NLP is about learning to live in an imperfect world, it’s about respecting the imperfections and not freak out, it is about facing whatever life throws at you and you have the tools of a warrior in your hands! If I told you that my life was wonderful and smooth sailing after NLP – I am over selling you! It is NOT!!

But here is what it is for me – it has been like sweeping out the dust in the corners and from under the carpet. It’s like spring cleaning my house – each time I throw out something, I have space. Space to create something different, something that I really want…without the dust!


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